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Embodying the ideas of Maria Montessori in life, FIMA supports and protects the Montessori Community, enhancing the growth and potential of the system in Russia!

About us

The present stage of education development in the world generates many problems and questions concerning the contents and methods of the organization of educational process. Having arisen in the 19th century now the system of Maria Montessori is considered to be the most successful world practice of child development from 0 to 3, 3-7 and 7-12 years.

First International Montessori Association (FIMA) in Russia is an experienced team of professionals in the field of development and education according to Maria Montessori's method; adherents who live, develop and help to develop in the direction of the True Montessori Method. They are Montessori-teachers, psychologists, art and music directors, teachers, mathematicians, linguists, the team of consultants in the sphere of law and economy. They are people who take a broad view to the future, these are specialists who help Russia to enter into the list of the countries where Montessori education is at the top level.

We want Montessori to be not simply a brand or rant but a true working education system of our children! Officially recognized system! And we have all the necessary resources, a wide experience of work in the system of child development according to the Montessori method.


Our Mission

Our aim is to get the importance and value of the child first years over to the society! Therefore we aspire:

  • to unite all the followers of Montessori method in the world in a single association,
  • to support and develop Russian and foreign followers of Montessori method, members of Montessori Associations both in Russia and in the world,
  • to support all those who only begin to take the path of Montessori movement; to show, tell and help the future Montessorians.

First International Montessori Assotsiation serves to make Montessori Education not simply a brand or rant but a true working education system of our children! Legalized system of Russian Education by:

  • giving the knowledge of the Montessori method to the Government of the Russian Federation,
  • training and increasing the professional skills of Montessori teachers,
  • the explanation of the essence of Montessori method to the parents, increasing their level of knowledge,
  • creating the worldwide network of kindergartens named after Maria Montessori.

We don't want any rivalry, we seek to create the united Montessori Association, we want to teach and study, promoting Maria Montessori's philosophy in the world!

Our Aim

The aims of Association consist in the maintenance, popularization and promotion of Montessori education in Russia for Russians to have the alternative of education as well as for the full development of society.

The Association seeks to reach these goals by all lawful means by joining keen people, adherents who share the idea of child development according to the Montessori method, and also by the involvement of governmental structures in the development and support of the education system in Russia.

Our Task

  • increase of the popularity of Montessori method in Russia, the explanation of its essence and importance to the Government of the Russian Federation ;
  • cooperation with Russian and foreign Montessori communities and organizations, the exchange of experience;
  • establishment of the official Training Center which will unite the interests and knowledge of the Russian community and the international community (Association Montessori International) in a single whole which will be able to transfer a world experience of Montessori training to the Russian reality; 
  • establishment of a charity foundation named after the House of Maria Montessori which will include investors of governmental level, people interested in development of Montessori method to apply this method of education in orphanages of Russia;
  • work with parents and teach them Montessori method, the organization of seminars;
  • organization of exhibitions, seminars, trainings, conferences with the participation of Russian and foreign Montessori teachers for the purpose of professional development and an exchange of experience;
  • distribution of different kind of literature necessary for the acquaintance as well as for the thorough understanding of Montessori method among future and already practising Montessori teachers, and also among parents and people simply carried away by Montessori method;
  • assistance (legal, consulting, financial, etc.) to the starting and already existing Montessori organizations.



Our Team


Igor Kolosov
The President of FIMA


Oksana Kolosova
The Vice-president of FIMA, ideologist of the company, the leading expert in the Montessori-education and pedagogical services


Nelly Doronina
The Head of the International Department, the leading manager in franchising


Marina Kayda
Leading expert of the Legal Department, specialist of the expert service



Eugeniya Romanova
Art creator




Zubova Jana
Director of Marketing and image policy of the Company