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Embodying the ideas of Maria Montessori in life, FIMA supports and protects the Montessori Community, enhancing the growth and potential of the system in Russia!

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About the project

The method of Dr. Maria Montessori who was a doctor, psychologist, mathematician and the ingenious scientist, was developed on the basis of her long-term experience of supervision and work with children, first of all that were children with special needs. The illness shouldn't influence the development of the child for him to form the personality naturally in spite of any difficulties. The child form his own "image of the world" during his first seven years of life. And if a healthy child growing up in a couple family has every chance to have good natural development, a child with special needs has limited opportunities practically in everything starting from the health and finishing his self-actualization in adulthood. The state rehabilitation programs are initially focused on the recovery of health, but the problems of development and education adapted for the life of ill children are not solved.

Montessori education unlike the traditional one is based on the research in the sphere of pediatrics, developmental psychology and pedagogy, so first of all it is created for children who have really serious tests fell on them. We, being the Montessori-teachers united by the ideas, aims and a wide experience of work in the First International Montessori Association in Russia, became charity participants.

We focus our attention on the significance not to allow the arrest of natural child development, for example, when a child is in the hospital in the conditions of a cognitive and sensory deprivation for a long time. Within FIMA charity program we plan to open the specialized game rooms equipped with Montessori environment in children's hospitals including cancer centers and orphanages.

Montessori classrooms are the prepared environment where children are free in their natural aspiration to work. Here children develop at their own speed and rhythm according to their individual abilities. The prepared Montessori environment in its turn provides all the necessary elements for the optimum development of the child. The key components here are children, teacher and the physical environment which includes specially developed educational Montessori material.

The role of Montessori-teacher is a role of the observer with the minimum intervention in the work of children. The teacher creates the atmosphere of peace, order and pleasure in the classroom, helps children and encourages them in all their undertakings thereby developing at the child his self-confidence and internal discipline.

We invite you to take part in the FIMA charity program, If you realize your social responsibility as well as we do, Agree that there are no another's children! If your heart clenches at the sight of the suffering children who need urgent treatment and fund raising, you have some leisure hours in a week and you are ready to devote them to kids who are sad now and in a difficult situation, join us! All sympathizing and not indifferent people will find the place in our movement as volunteers or sponsors.

Preparation of volunteers

Our volunteers are teachers, medical workers, students of pedagogical institutes and people who simply love children, who are able to empathize and feel pity, show self-control and participation, who are ready to spend some leisure hours in a week as Montessori–teachers in the prepared Montessori environment in children's hospital. Our charity movement gives a unique advantage to our volunteers. We suggest you to study in the Montessori Academy of FIMA and become the Montessori-teacher without payment. Training courses in the Montessori Academy of FIMA are held with the assistance of Russian and foreign Montessori-teachers. After the graduation from the Montessori Academy all the teachers will get the certificate of the Montessori-teacher. Subsequently, our Montessori-teachers will pass extension courses.


How you can become a volunteer

If you are already 18 years old, fill in, please, the application for joining our movement. The term of the application examination is not more than 5 working days. After the preliminary positive decision we will send you the invitation to interview. We reserve the right to refuse in volunteering to those people who seemed to us morally or psychologically not ready to work in oncological clinics. But we are always ready to advise that area of volunteering which will be comfortable exactly for you.



The fine, light and joyful holiday of opening the game room equipped with Montessori environment for children will take place only when adults unite and solve the mass of the bureaucratic, fiscal and financial problems. We need YOUR help! We address to businessmen who realize their social responsibility, have a strong civil position and are ready to support our project from financial side. We address to Charity Founds and organizations whose work is directed on the help to children! We also invite to cooperation the Internet portals which are ready to provide information support for the propagation of FIMA Charity program or for the exchange of links and banners.