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Embodying the ideas of Maria Montessori in life, FIMA supports and protects the Montessori Community, enhancing the growth and potential of the system in Russia!

FIMA membership

To become the member of FIMA means to become a part of the international Montessori community, to feel its support, to join the team of adherents which seeks to bring up the healthy developed personality from each child on the planet! To become the member of FIMA means to contribute to the development of a healthy nation!

To know the details about the membership see www.montessori-fima.org

What advantages do you receive by joining FIMA?

FIMA is a large consulting which includes:

  • Full legal support;
  • Expert support;
  • Accounting support of business;
  • United Pediatric Care;
  • The Consulting Center for opening a kindergarten or a child center
  • Training Center "Montessori Academy"

Becoming a member of the Association you will receive the help and support of real professionals and the solution of your questions!


To become a member of the Association you need to fill in the application and the questionnaire (*it's not of necessity) and send them to our e-mail, having attached the following documents (for legal entities) or documents (for individuals).

Admission to membership of the Association is carried out on the basis of the given documents; the term of decision-making on the acceptance or refusal is 3 working days.

The candidate is accepted in Association from the moment of signing the agreement and payment of the entrance fee.

The First International Montessori Association in Russia is glad to render FREE consulting assistance to its members in the sphere of education and upbringing of children, legal and accounting assurance of the business connected with opening child development centers and kindergartens, etc.

FIMA members receive also discounts on all services provided by our consulting for the direct solution of any conflict or other kind of situations as well as on training in the Training Center "Montessori Academy".

Welcome to the First International Montessori Association in Russia!