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Embodying the ideas of Maria Montessori in life, FIMA supports and protects the Montessori Community, enhancing the growth and potential of the system in Russia!


FIMA provides services in accounting, legal and expert maintenance for child development centers and private kindergartens, accounting maintaining and restoration if necessary: 

  • complex abonent legal service of the enterprises and organizations, individual entrepreneurs, legal support of separate transactions and difficult projects;
  • complex accounting and tax accounting conducting , including reflection of economic operations in accounting and tax accounting;
  • processing of primary accounting documents (invoices, shipping lists, acts of the performed works and services, documents of the KS-2 and KS-3 forms, cash documents, expense reports, etc.);
  • registration and presentation of payment documents in bank;
  • preparation and sending reporting to IFNS, Fund of social insurance fund, Pension Fund, Statistics agencies;
  • development of accounting policies and a card of accounts;
  • statement of accounting and tax accounting as well as related document flow;
  • restoration of accounting and tax accounting;
  • representation of your interests in IFNS, off-budget funds.