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Embodying the ideas of Maria Montessori in life, FIMA supports and protects the Montessori Community, enhancing the growth and potential of the system in Russia!

FIMA Legal Assistance

FIMA legal service may include the full conducting legal cases of a company, conducting cases in courts of the Russian Federation including Moscow region other regions or the Russian Federation. FIMA is ready to assume the solution of all your legal tasks and problems!

Preliminary oral consultation is free of charge, which means that, you can simply call us and get a proper juridical consultation. We do not collect payment for the answers we can give you during this first consultation.

Depending on the set goal (task), our support can have absolutely different contents and volume: starting with a small consultation and ending with a complete support in a complicated process or business project, representation of interests in the courts of law, implementing of financial and judicial schemes. The cost of service will respectively differ. We render all services to our partners on special conditions including essential discounts and preferences which are mentioned in the agreement.

The cost of our judicial service is determined by the volume, complexity and set goals of the case and it's discussed with our clients. The preliminary cost of the service is estimated after proper firsthand acquaintance with the case materials.

Within the legal support of business, transactions, complex legal service for legal entities you can always count on:

  • The analysis of juristically significant documents and all circumstances of the case, their interconnection with already made and (or) planned actions and the client's ground(position), the analysis of already chosen position and the line of defense.
  • Working out of the corporate documentation, civil-law contracts and their packages of any complexity at their mutual correspondence, procedural and accompanying documents.
  • Juridical support and (or) realization of civil-law transactions closed by the client or by an authorized person ; primary registration of the property right, registration of transactions, passing of property concerning real estate (large property complexes, the ground areas, etc.)
  • Judicial and project support in the sphere of corporate and property relations on re-structuring of real estate complexes (buildings and constructions) and other property, its registration, relocation for the purpose of creating an optimum structure of the possession.
  • Working out of financially-legal schemes of transactions, conclusions, re-structuring and retention of actives, carrying out reckoning of juridical, tax and financial consequences of already made and planned actions.
  • Juridical support to body corporate (juristic person) of all forms of ownership on a contract basis, developing individual programs of cooperation, including the one, on a private basis. We offer the possibility of receiving consultations in real-time operation mode.
  • Representation in courts of law and Arbitration courts of Russian Federation (affairs, concerning civil, administrative, financial, and other legal relationship at any stage of process or the conflict).

This list isn't exhaustive, if you have any questions or doubts – call or e-mail us!