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Embodying the ideas of Maria Montessori in life, FIMA supports and protects the Montessori Community, enhancing the growth and potential of the system in Russia!

Services of Kindergartens and Child Development Centers

Today when the level of the population well-being increases, more and more parents wish to send their child not to the state kindergartens but to the private ones the education system of which is based on the individual approach to each child.

In this regard an increasing number of businessmen, teachers and simply keen and active parents consider the variant of opening their own child development center or a specialized kindergarten.

However, it should be noted that opening such kind of organizations will cause a set of procedures connected with registration of various documentation and obtaining permissions of control and supervising state structures.

Many of you have excellent ideas directed on education and upbringing of children but you have no means for their realization.

It is also necessary to consider the fact that in time you will have to face the sales stagnation, and as a result the need of expansion of services. It is also important to find the qualified teachers who will be ready to put heart and soul in the business. After all you will entrust them the most important thing in your life – your children!

First International Montessori Association in Russia will support any of your undertakings connected with opening educational business or development of already existing, which will cause free development and quality education of our children!

Having a wide experience in business we expect problems which you can face at this or that stage of development of your business. Therefore especially for you we have developed various packages of services for the most comfortable advance of your ideas and business optimization.

"Start-up" package of services (for business opening):

  • drawing up contracts,
  • registration of allowing documentation,
  • accounting support,
  • help in development of the business plan and the organization of marketing actions for the attraction of target audience (SMM – Social Media Marketing),
  • staff recruitment and training,
  • guidelines and plans of lessons,
  • samples of forms and demands.

"Optimum" package of services (for developing business):

  • extension of allowing documentation,
  • certification and professional development of teachers,
  • accounting and legal support,
  • consultation on marketing and commerce, expansion of services at the stage of business stagnation,
  • accreditation of kindergartens and child development centers.

"Extra" package of services (for stable business):

  • consultation on marketing and commerce (sales analysis and optimization of a service portfolio, marketing programs for the advance of services),
  • certification and professional development of teachers,
  • accreditation of kindergartens and child development centers.