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Embodying the ideas of Maria Montessori in life, FIMA supports and protects the Montessori Community, enhancing the growth and potential of the system in Russia!





Duhovka Group currently operates four schools, which integrates preschool, primary and secondary school in a coherent learning system. ”We aim to interconnect our schools as much as possible in order to facilitate the children’s passage to higher levels of education. We have also set up a team of experts to create a common teaching methodology,“ says Jindřich Kitzberger, Director for Pedagogy and Education Policy of Duhovka Group and director Škola Hrou elementary school.

An integral part of Duhovka’s concept is a bilingual Czech-English environment. The presence of native speakers of different languages – teachers and students - creates a naturally bilingual atmosphere where children meet and instantly familiarise themselves with a foreign language

OOO Montessori-Peter (Saint-Petersburg)

The official website: http://www.montessori-piter.ru

We are the only one production business company on the European part of Russia which produce the classical Montessori-materials.

We offer you the products produced by the classic Montessori materials, educational games and toys, additional playground equipment for kindergartens, as well as a wide range of services: training, consulting, integration teams, centers, nurseries, delivery of goods to any region of Russia, CIS, the World.

Factory educational games and toys - OOO "Montessori - Peter", is a leader in Russia for production of clean and certified products: Montessori materials, educational games and toys, play equipment for preschools, as well as offer a full range of the best and developing environment , a complex of services for child care centers and institutions.

The company's image, "High-quality educational games, toys, musical instruments, puppet theater and play equipment for children."



Interregional Public Fund for Support and Development of the method of Maria Montessori

Monessori Public Fund

AMI Affiliate in Russia